via Instagram: We end every home run derby this way: smashing golf balls.


Sometimes I sing – not necessarily well, but I sure enjoy it.
via Instagram: Stuck on this lyric: “Headed out on Sunday, said he’d come home Monday. I stayed up waiting, anticipating and pacing, but he was…”
I just simply love the meter of it. (Lana del Rey, “Blue Jeans”)

We Can Do It: Running the Riveter for a Cause

On June 22nd, I will be donning my best Rosie attire and pushing for a PR at Titanium Racing’s  inaugural fast-and-flat Marina Bay Half Marathon – also known as “the Riveter” – to raise money for an incredible cause!

CoachArt is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for chronically ill children and their families by providing free lessons in the arts and athletics. The video below explains it all.


With your donation to CoachArt, you are making a difference in the lives of children, helping provide adaptive sports programming for chronically ill children with physical limitations.

Art and athletics were huge influences that helped shape who I am today, and I believe that everyone should experience them. They were incredible emotional outlets which helped me gain confidence and allowed me to express myself in a variety of ways, and still do. By raising money I’m helping them to provide sports programs for kids of all abilities – because EVERY kid should have the opportunity to benefit from the joy of sports and the arts.

My initial goal of $500 is enough to provide 20 kids basketballs, jerseys, whistles and stop watches and every penny counts. I hope you will help me reach my first fundraising goal – and then move on to the next one.

Want to help make a difference?
Click here to donate to CoachArt.
All donors will be entered in a bonus drawing.

Want to join me on the course?
Click here to register for the Riveter – the inaugural Marina Bay Half Marathon/10k/5k.


a moment of thanks

The future holds a new mission for me, one which I undoubtedly never would have stumbled upon had I kept my sanity and not declared a desire to run 103 races. As I prepare to embark on this new mission, a sudden moment of pause fell over me.

Life can in many ways play out like the board game, the spin of a wheel holding our destiny, that which feels like chance is ultimately probability. No ride can ever be completely smooth, as dictated by the cobbled sidewalk that burst my chin skateboarding as a child. However, these moments of struggle, of turbulence, are in truth wherein character is built.

Whoever ‘they’ are, they were certainly right about that.

We get caught in the comparison trap. We catch ourselves wanting. We find ourselves desiring. Thankfully, I found myself asking: who am I to complain?

There is so much in my life which I am sure I seemingly take for granted, things in actuality I am truly grateful for.

Today marks the first time my now-husband and I went out nine years ago. We were able to celebrate with a wonderful day out, a beautiful meal, dessert and more. Through the years I have only grown crazier about him, and knowing I was running to him at the finish of my first marathon really did help push me through. We have two loving adopted dogs, three cats, a home where we planted a garden. Apple, olive, avocado, lemon and orange trees were placed into the earth by our hands.

I am healthy. I come from a large, loving family. There is a job I can call my own which I truly enjoy doing, and I am able to get there and back in my own beloved little used Prius, As I type this, there is a warm little pup face pressed into the small of my back. Our home is warm. Truly, I sit here and I feel blessed.


Enough with comparisons. With longing. With perceived need.

Instead, I issue this thanks – a thank you from me to the universe – for this little slice of existence I get to call my own.

Score a Few of My Favorite Things


Not too long ago, I wrote a yes-it-is-totally-singable post declaring a few of my favorite run-related things. From jackets and sports bras to different types of fuel, I managed to cram quite a few shout outs in there!

Well, guess what?

Now it’s YOUR chance to score some of my favorite edible run things!



Here’s what will be included in the package along with why they’re one of my favorite things.

TWO samples of ENERGYbits: you can read all about why I went green with bits here. I give absolute credit to their RECOVERYbits for helping me bounce back so fast after my marathon as well.

TWO packets of Skratch Labs: being an outdoor industry employee I have tried my fair share of hydration powders and tabs from the biggest big names and beyond. Hands down, this hydration formula is my capital F F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E. I couldn’t have run my first marathon without it!

THREE packets of Island Boost: I used to use gels and the like but they were simply too hard on my gut after a while. I love Island Boost for when I need a quick boost of energy. I also love that you don’t need to wash it down – just throw it back!

THREE vegan Picky Bars: if you ask my parents I’ve always been a Picky Picky. Finding these perfectly sized, perfectly balanced, and hell-to-the-yes tasty bars was a blessing after too many years of over-processed cardboard like bars. Ick.

The giveaway is now over. Congratulations to winner Andi! You’ll receive an email shortly.

Are you a fan of any of these products? Which of my favorite run things would you be most excited to try and why?


Disclaimer: the mentioned vendors – EnergyBits, Skratch Labs, Island Boost and Picky Bars – are in no way affiliated with this giveaway. No product in this giveaway was provided by the vendor; all thoughts and opinions are my own. Rafflecopter contest will run from April 2nd through April 8th. Good luck!